Robert; I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic trip this past Saturday. My nephew caught (7) steelhead on his first serious steelhead trip. It will be something that will be remembered in this family for a long time. Your knowledge of fishing and your expertise on the river you fish are matched by few. You made our experience a very memorable one, and we are looking forward to many more in the future. I thank you again my friend. Hopefully, you can tie up with them for a tuna trip this summer. If you are ever in the University Place area, please contact me and maybe I can get you out on the water where you can relax and I will be your guide.

Take care, Aaron A. Goodwin

Just wanted to say my son, Paul and I had the best steelhead fishing day of our lives thanks to your knowledge of the river and helping me present the jigs in the right spots. I caught my largest steelhead ever and my son caught the most steelhead ever.

Great day-thanks
Joe Vlcek-Bellevue, WA

Robert, I wanted to thank you again for being an excellent host to my cousin and myself, and for putting up not only with his stories ;) but with the rain as well. It goes without saying that putting him on his first, and later 6th? steelhead, was big time icing on the cake. Processing the fish at your house at the end of the day was a much appreciated gesture as well. Your boat and gear are top notch, perfect for the river there, and your easy going nature and knowledge of the river were great assets to the best steelheading fishing either of us had ever had. You have high recommendations from us both to anyone who might be looking to do the same in the area. Hopefully, we will be able to fish either together or separately with you again in the near future. I have included a few pictures if you wish to add to the website Mandi...absolutely beautiful fish...with troll-looking men :)Best luck with all, thanks again

Sam Scott

Finally, A day of serenity and pure salmon slamming pleasure with friends including our friend & guide Dean Johnstone! Thanks for hooking us up Mandi! Pleasure to meet you today!

Bill Hardwick

THANK YOU! Robert Thomas, for an absolutely wonderful fishing experience on the Quinault River. This man knows his river and how to catch those salmon. I took my youngest son along with his friend on a fishing trip to this river the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was our first time in the Quinault area. What beautiful country. The fishing day started early and fast with an EXPLOSION of water right up against our boat when a HUGE Coho hit my son's lure as he was about to lift it out of the water. That caused a lot of excitement. Then the boys went on to catch some very nice fish. My son's friend had never caught a salmon before. That changed very quickly as he hooked into and landed a good size Coho. We've got the pictures to prove it. That was one very happy young man. My son had a great time with his friend and besides hooking into salmon he even caught a record size "sucker" on a back cast. I'm just glad that treble hook buried itself into my hat and not my ear. The picture of him with my hat on the end of his line is almost as good as the one of him and his big Coho. It was a memorable trip for many reasons. We had a lot of fun. I'm grateful for the experience and we're definitely going back to the Quinault. We really enjoyed your company Robert.

Thanks again! Paul

What a fun day it was! My girlfriend Joanie and I have fished Nootka Sound off Vancouver Island, Rivers Inlet in B.C. and now we can say our best time fishing was with Robert Thomas, Private Water Adventures. Robert has all the right gear, knows the river, knows the tricks and techniques, and is a pleasure to be around. We had a most memorable day, caught some nice fish, spactular scenery and had the fishing time of our lives. Many thanks to Robert. We are already looking forward to our fishing date next year.

Dave Brown and Joan Hanson

If you have not fished with Private Water Adventures and Robert Thomas you are missing out. I have been fishing with Robert for over 7 years now and can say I really don’t care to fish anywhere else. The 4 rivers that Robert takes me on ALWAYS produce fish, LOT’s of fish.

I have fished for spring Chinook and Sockeye, summer Chinook, GREAT fall Coho and Kings and the winter Steelheading is the best I have ever experienced. Top it off with Trophy steelhead in March/April and I am one happy fisherman.

However, what really impresses me is Roberts’s integrity. How many of you have booked a trip only to show up and find NO fish in the river or the river blown out but the guide takes you out anyway. This does not happen with Robert. Many times I have received a call the evening before or even the morning of a trip telling me it was not a good time to fish and we need to reschedule. If he puts you on the river it is your fault if you don’t land fish.

Mike Peters
Olympia, WA

I would just like to say, that I had the best fishing trip of my life with Robert. We fished in mid-November, and had an absolute blast! My buddy, and I had our limits, plus Roberts on the bank by 9:30am. I hooked a 35 lb King, which took about an hour to land, which was the capper to a great day of fishing. We put 4 more on the bank the next morning, before the river blew out. We are going back up in March to fish for trophy Steelies for 2 days, and also booked for the same November trip next year. Robert is an unbeleivable guide, and takes care of all your needs. I want to thank him for the best fishing trip of my life, and am so looking forward to topping it, next year!! Thanks again!!

Mike Botten
Chehalis, WA

Fishing with Robert of Private Water Adventures is always a blast. This is my favorite place to fish. Robert ALWAYS puts us onto the fish. Sometimes I can’t believe on how many fish and the quality of them we catch a day.

He is one of the best guides I have ever had the pleasure to fish with. He knows every tree and rock in the rivers he fishes. He is always helpful and fun to spend the day with. There are many nice places to stay around there and Robert knows most all the people around, so he can help set you up with a place to stay and recommend good places to eat.

Rob Daniels
Depoe Bay, OR

I really enjoyed fishing with Robert on the Queets river. He works hard for his clients and knows his business. I didn't know catching salmon could be so easy and so much fun. I can't wait to do it again.

Bill Sartain

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